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One-Act Drama Festivals


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Each year the AAD organises the Avon One-Act Drama Festival

as Round One of the All England One-Act Theatre Festival.


Avon Short Play Festival 2020
This will be held for the second year at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall from Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th  February 2020 with Paul Fowler, GoDA adjudicating.

The maximum teams we can accommodate is 12 - so it may be a good idea to get your Part 1s in promptly!
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The AETF (All England Theatre Festival) Entry and Declaration Form has a couple of new items.
  • Realising  that getting public liability insurance can be a real problems for smaller pop-up or experimental groups that do not have a regular programme of productions and/or a fixed venue,  AETF have now managed to negotiate a very reasonable deal with a reputable insurance company which will cover any AETF  festival entries this season. If you are such a group, or are thinking of starting one do get in touch with Roger or Jean at cunnington@talk21.com
  • AETF is now asking for a 10 opting fee which  makes your company a member of the AETF.  Do not sigh if this appears as yet another expense. Our Short Plays Festival was so successful both artistically and financially in 2019, that the Avon Committee is willing to pay the 10 fee for any company that opts  to go forward from our festival.  (If your company is already a member please let us know)
How to Enter
To register your entry all you need to do is complete and return the Part 1 form with your entry fee by 1 December 2019.
You don't need to have selected a play at this stage.
Shortly after 1 December you will then be sent a Part 2 Form - for the detailed information about your entry, which you will need to return with a copy of the script, licence to perform etc.
Once we have all the Part 2 forms we will plan the running order - based on availability, types of plays and running time! You will then be sent the running order, publicity material and your tickets (see Part 1 Form for information).
The next stage is the Festival! 
Technical Day Note

Learning from last year, Chipping Sodbury Town Hall requires the use of a scaffold tower in order to hang lights etc from the ceiling. This has to be erected  by qualified individuals. Therefore we will request any companies who are bringing their own lighting that needs to be hung from the ceiling to do so in advance (date and time to be advised). If you require floor or stand lighting you can bring this with you on the Technical day. This will leave the Technical time free for adjustments and the normal technical processes. This should make for a hassle-free technical session.

If you aren't familiar with the Festival - the technical day is when each entry has 30 minutes to familiarise themselves with the stage, set their lighting and sound levels and work out anything they need to do for their performance.  A basic lighting set up is provided which is used by all the entries.
The Next Rounds of the Festival

In 2020 the Western Area will not be running any Quarter Finals so the WINNING TEAM from the Avon Festival will go directly to the five or six team WESTERN AREA SEMI-FINAL which will be held on Saturday May 9th, at THE MERLIN THEATRE FROME from which it is just one step to the ENGLISH FINAL  in Bridlington Spa on June 13th.
The winning youth team will also go to the Merlin Theatre for the FIVE COUNTIES YOUTH FESTIVAL on Sunday April 26th.

The winnings teams can also be put forward for consideration for the NDFA British All Winners Festival.
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Now under new title of - Short Play Festival

AAD on Social Media
Join AAD on Facebook to promote your show, look for props or costumes, or just network! 
Search for 'Avon Association of Drama' or use this link
We are also on Twitter as 'AvonDrama'

There are also Facebook Pages for AETF  and UK Community Drama Festivals Federation


The Avon One Act Drama Festival is a member of the National Drama Festivals Association (NDFA) and our winners are eligible to be invited to their annual British All Winners Festival and original plays can be entered for The George Taylor Memorial Award.

For details of other AETF festivals visit www.aetf.org.uk

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