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Avon One Act Festival Results - 2018

The Avon One Act Festival concluded last night; the trophy winners and nominees were:-

Denning Award for Youth (Encouragement)
Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)
West Town Workshop Theatre for Youth (Most promising youth performance)
Rhiannon Williamson - Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)
AAD Award for Youth Drama (Winning youth group)
Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)                                             
Richard Brayshaw Cup (Technical award)
Actonians Drama Group  - Use of strobe lighting effect
Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS) – Presentation
SPP Theatre Company – Setting and props                                     
The Ruth Perrett Award (Costume)
Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)
Actonians Drama Group
St Alban’s Players
Sodbury Players
Pauline Pincott Trophy (Best original play)
No entries
Graham Bradshaw Cup (Best supporting performance)
Gill Cowen - St Alban’s Players
Sarah Godsell - Actonians Drama Group
Sammy Mountford - Sodbury Players
Lin Bowden- Sodbury Players
Kofi Jomoa - St Alban’s Players
Paul Mackenzie-Smith - St Alban’s Players
Priory Plate (Best actress)
Beth Maskall - St Alban’s Players
Kit Muffett – The Oldland Players
Goodway Memorial Cup (Best actor)
Richard Cottle - Sodbury Players
Peter Irwin – SPP Theatre Company
Rob Pardoe – Actonians Drama Group
Adjudicator’s Award (Adjudicator’s discretion)
Aaliyah Wilmot (performing with injured ankle) - Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)      
Daniel Johnson (alternative ending) – The Oldland Players
Ross Brown (concept of the 3 woodcutters) - Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)
Play choice (new and challenging play) - St Alban’s Players
The Peter English Award (Runners up)
Oldland Players
The Alexander Trophy (Overall winning production)
Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS)

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Going forward to represent the Avon Festival in the Quarter Finals on 7th April are Sodbury Players Youth Section (SPYS). They will They will be joined by the The Woodland Players and The Oldland Players. (representing the Bristol Festival) and the winning group from the Somerset Festivals.